ASP Silver Medallion - Sponsored by ACI

Name City State Year In Honor Of Title
Ann Murfin Tulsa OK 2017 "Summer Beauty"
Marsha Vander Mey Amherst NH 2016 "The Prom" "The Prom"
Jeff Johnson Morrison CO 2015 "Thor's Well" "Thor's Well"
Sandra Pearce Okeechobee, FL 2014 "Photo Bomb" "Photo Bomb"
Peter Lik Las Vegas, NV 2013 "Autumn Mist" "Autumn Mist"
Marceliano Munoz Wilton Manors FL 2012 "Bride of Muhanned" "Bride of Muhanned"
Richard Sturdevant Lawrenceburg TN 2011 "Life on the Savanna" "Life on the Savanna"
Stephen Abbott Marquette NE 2010 "Purple Pasion"
Paul Tsang Union City CA 2009 "Go for the Goal"
Richard Carpenter Cheyenne WY 2008 "Sacred Ground"
Sam Gray Raleigh NC 2007 "The Sheep Know His Voice"
Doran Wilson Angola IN 2006 "Giants in the Mist"