ASP District Medallion - Sponsored by ACI

The ASP District Medallion Award is presented to the ASP member in good standing with the highest scoring entry at their District Print Competition.

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Name City State Year In Honor Of Title
Christie Newell Germantown Hills IL 2017 Northcentral "My Strength"
Nancy Basmann Vestal NY 2017 Northeast "Addict"
Sandra Pearce Okeechobee, FL 2017 Southeast "John Otter the Baptist"
Kimberly Smith Muskogee OK 2017 Southwest "The Beauty of Innocence"
Karen Nakamura Gardena CA 2017 Western "Beauty and Tranquility"
Audrey Wancket Spring Grove IL 2016 Northcentral "Delicate but Sure"
Kari Douma Dorr MI 2016 Northeast "The Homestead"
Michelle Parsley Woodbury TN 2016 Southeast "Common Cardinal Grosbeak"
Kimberly Smith Muskogee OK 2016 Southwest "Lovebirds"
Kristi Elias Long Beach CA 2016 Western "Beautiful Dream"
Suzanne Fischer Atlantic IA 2015 Northcentral "Heading Home for Chirstmas"
Elaine Hughes Columbus OH 2015 Northeast "Chaotic Profiling"
Barry Nelson Lubbock TX 2015 Southwest "Made in Detroit"
Randy McNeilly Shelby NC 2015 Southeast "The Colonel in Twilight"
Julia Kelleher Bend OR 2015 Western "A Sketch of Innocence"
Ryan Brown Lone Jack MO 2014 North Central "The Vet"
Randy Brogen Burlington MA 2014 North East "Aglimpse Of Evil"
Michelle Parsley Woodbury TN 2014 SEPPA " Mill Valley"
Richard Sturdevant Lawrenceburg TN 2014 SWPPA " The Wolf In My Heart"
Julia Kelleher Bend OR 2014 Western States " He Has Arrived"
Wendy Veugeler Austin TX 2013 North Central "Keeper"
Stephanie Millner DPO AA 2013 North East "PanoRoma"
Lora Yeater Alma WV 2013 SEPPA "Brock's Battle"
Richard Sturdevant Lawrenceburg TN 2013 SWPPA "Knocking On Heavens Door"
Cheri Hammon Idaho Falls ID 2013 Western States "Snowy Morning"
Michael Barton North Aurora IL 2012 North Central "To My Wife"
Darrell Moll Norwalk OH 2012 North East "Autumn Bliss"
Macelliano Munoz 2012 SEPPA "Bride of Muhammed"
Richard Sturdevant Lawrenceburg TN 2012 SWPPA "Abduction"
Cheri Hammon Idaho Falls ID 2012 Western States "Dennis the Menace"
Nancy Bailey-Pratt Fishers IN 2011 North Central "Eager to Answer"
Darrell Moll Norwalk OH 2011 North East "Mountain Majesty"
Lora Yeater Alma WV 2011 SEPPA "Goodbye" & "Salvation"
Richard Sturdevant Lawrenceburg TN 2011 SWPPA " Life on the Savanna"
Steven Ahrens Fond du Lac WI